We believe that everything starts from an idea that takes shape through drawing.

We specialise in making clear drawings suitable for every phase of the project, in order to facilitate the comprehension of the work for every stakeholder involved in the project.

We support Clients, Architects, Engineers and General Contractors for the administrative and technical management of all the Stakeholders and Sub-Suppliers involved, in the full respect of costs, time and limits of intervention.
We collaborate with a dense network of professionals that allow us to accomplish any kind of tender documentation.

  • Shop Drawings

    We provide assistance to engineer and architectural firms for the production of shop drawings, in order to carry out the documentation within a short timeframe for every phase of the project. Moreover, we can deal with the coordination of all the stakeholders involved in the project with the purpose of avoiding inconsistencies among them.

  • Project Detail Solution

    We believe that is the attention to detail that defines the quality of a project and, for this reason, we pay special attention to them. IA2 VENICE has great experience in providing ideas and new solutions for constructive details, from interior design to large-scale engineering projects.

  • Tender Document

    For a long time, IA2 VENICE has collaborated with a dense network of professionals and suppliers that allow us to manage all the tender documentation, analysis and comparison of the offers.

  • As-Built Drawings

    Sometimes it happens to have the need of variances during project execution and, therefore, and update of the executive drawings. IA2 VENICE can lend a hand by making highly detailed drawings and technical reports during and after the construction site.