P&CM is the core of our work.

Method & Communication are two keywords that have accompanied us throughout the years, demonstrating that they can determine whether the failure or the success of a project.

IA2 VENICE has always chosen Project Management as an approach for every service, we believe that only through proper programming and coordination it is possible to guarantee the success to our Clients. Our Team is made up of Project Managers and Quantity Surveyors of great experience and training.

  • Cost Estimating Management

    We deal with the economic assessment of huge projects, aware of the fact that they require more attention since they are often associated with high investment costs. The services IA2 VENICE provides include a team of experts aiming for assisting companies in their processes of costs evaluation, both for double-checking and for handling all the evaluation activities during the entire time of the project.

  • Project Reviews Value Engineering

    The development of the offer assessment requires a whole comprehension of the costs and all the factors that may have an influence on the project. IA2 VENICE can help you in this sense by assessing the cost estimations and supporting for the selection of the offer packages or assisting you for the validation of an accepted offer before concluding an agreement.

  • Cost & Time Control Schedule Management

    As one of the key elements for the success of a project, IA2 VENICE makes and verify the construction timetable with great attention and dedication.

  • Contract Admnistration

    IA2 VENICE has earned great experience as a General Contractor. We use Project Management as a tool for the correct administration of the legal and administrative aspects of the supply contracts, in order to manage optimally the relationship with suppliers, designers and Clients.

  • Site Coordination Management

    The tasks of a Construction Site Manager are many and vary from one project to the other. Whatever may be the dimension of your project, we assure the correct execution of all the third-party services, coordination between the different contractors and other stakeholders involved. We are always in contact with the Client for technical and economical queries.

  • Earned Value Management

    We support our Clients in the development, monitoring and measurement of the cost parameters. IA2 VENICE flanks the owners or the main contractors for the cost and performance tracking in order to identify if a project has a delay or it is ahead of time compared with the pre-established schedule and budget.

  • Project Delivery Consulting Management

    We constantly have audits and quality control check during the entire executive phase of the project. This step is carried out under the supervision of our qualified team, that guarantees the full respect of the deadlines and budget laid down in the economic framework.

  • Construction Claims

    A thorough approach for the contractual documentation between the parties turns out to be the most efficient and economical way to achieve the success for both the parties. In particular, for large-scale projects, it should be mandatory to avoid deadlocks, delays or disputes that may lead to a loss of resources and, consequently, a potential contentious between the parties.

  • Risk Management

    The more the project is complex, the more the degree of risk can increase, IA2 VENICE is well aware of that and thanks to our consultants, we provide the Evaluation of Construction Risks by identifying and analysing potential risks that may occur during the construction process in order to help the Clients to prevent and reduce problematic delays and interruptions.

  • Work Supervision Management

    IA2 VENICE provides a team of technicians with a great background for efficient coordination between the various suppliers and stakeholders so as to solve all the issues that might come up on site, it is extremely important for us to meet the deadlines and the costs, for the success of everyone.