The construction industry is an energy-intensive field. In recent years, the reduction of resource consumption and pollution has become crucial targets for those approaching the green buildings.

IA2 VENICE offers LIFE CYCLE ASSESSMENT services, by analysing the energy, environment and economic sustainability of the building during its entire lifetime. The potentialities of BIM to archive and manage all the complex information, result in a simplification of the assessment procedures and a more reliable final result.

IA2 VENICE works according to the ISO standards of the 14040 series:

UNI EN ISO 14040 (2006) Environmental Management, Life Cycle Assessment, Principles and Framework.

UNI EN ISO 14044 (2018) Life Cycle Assessment, Requirements and Guidelines.

  • Energy sustainability assessment

    The BIM model manages data of various kinds, from the properties of the materials used, to the type of MEP plants, up to geolocation, allowing us to study the energy characteristics of buildings and, therefore to evaluate the best solutions to be adopted in the design phase.

  • Environmental sustainability assessment

    Based on the data obtained from the BIM model and, thanks to the use of specific software, it is possible to evaluate the environmental impact of civil works throughout their life cycle, starting from the production of materials, installation, commissioning work, disposal and their eventual recovery and reuse.

  • Economic sustainability assessment

    BIM is a valid cost assessment tool. Its use simplifies the preliminary work of finding the information necessary for the evaluation of costs, calculating precisely all that has been modelled.