IA2 VENICE thanks to its consolidated network of professionals and suppliers is committed to ensuring the highest quality of the project, from its conception until its realisation, with an eye to the optimisation of resources and the proper coordination of all the stakeholders involved that run with the development of the project. We believe in the 360° management of the project to guarantee a high-quality turnkey product.

  • Technical Economic Assistance

    We provide technical and administrative assistance to manage properly the relationship with suppliers, designers and Clients.

  • Project Management

    IA2 VENICE has highly qualified and very enthusiastic staff. The Project Manager plays an important role in managing every phase of the project from its concept to the construction to guarantee the correct development of the initial ideas in line with time and costs.

  • Supply Management

    We believe in the synergy between suppliers and designers to return a unique customised product to our Clients. For this reason, we have developed a consolidated network over the years by our successes in the retail, construction and MEP field.