IA2 VENICE firmly believes in the creation of a governance system designed to improve and optimise the acquisition and monitoring process of data useful for the asset management. We start with the identification of the Client needs up to their fulfilment. This guarantees for every property owner the maximum performance and a return from his real estate assets.

  • Facility Management integration BIM

    The BIM process allows the creation of a digital, parametric and computerised model by which, the professionals responsible for the management of the project, can plan and simulate different choices, configurations and scenarios for the future maintenance of the building. The continuous updating over the years of the BIM Model by the Facility Manager will guarantee an extension of the life of the building total monitoring of the entire life cycle.

  • Architectural Survey

    Is the action of drawing and measuring a building to analyse its characteristics, it is usually done during the inspection phase in order to acquire and catalog all the relevant technical information.

  • Energy Efficiency Integration BIM

    The Energy Audit allows, through the BIM Model of the existent building, to simulate one or improvement MEP plant scenarios by taking into consideration the geolocation, the characteristics of its envelope and the use of the building. When work is carried out, the BIM As-Is model of the building will allow the future Facility Manager (or Owner) to supervise the building energy performance and, if necessary, plan further improvements to extend the building lifetime.

    Thanks to the use of a dedicated software it will be possible, through the BIM modelling, to design an energy efficient building, taking into consideration shape, materials, location, use etc. Through the BIM process, it will be possible to simulate a number of system scenarios (cost/performance ratio) in an IT environment, identifying the one that best matches the planned building.

  • Integration With the Management System

    The interaction between the BIM Model and the IT Management System is guaranteed from a custom-made software according to the Client needs. The software will be designed in such a way to permit all the stakeholders involved in the management of the building to, according to various level of permission, interact. This will assure the Facility Manager to monitor the maintenance activities of the building thus creating a maintenance database performed over the years.

  • Asset Control Panel

    We use a control panel for the management of the registered real estate assets. Based on the data collected and through the virtual simulation, it will be possible to plan more efficient maintenance of your propriety and maximise the overall quality of services and optimise costs.